First: definition

The employee is the main asset in any organization for its success, so he/she has the right to have his skills developed. With this in mind, the idea of the ideal staff award emanated. Evaluation is conducted montly.

Second: Award objectives:

Motivating staff of the Deanship to be creative and excel. 

Inculcating a sense of loyalty to work to improve their performance

Create a spirit of competition among the Deanship's staff

Appreciation staff

Third: Evaluation criteria for the ideal staff award:

First Criterion - Performance and Achievement:

This criterion focuses on the employee's performance and career and professional achievements. This includes the quantity and quality of performance and the nature of achievements, including achieving goals that exceed expectations or exceed the requirements of his job. It also includes the completion of difficult tasks that require time, effort, and hard work.

Second criterion - initiative and creativity:

This criterion focuses on the extent of the staff's initiative to come up with ideas, suggestions, studies, initiatives, or distinguished and creative work methods that contribute to developing performance, improving productivity, upgrading the level of work, or simplifying procedures. 

Third criterion - cooperation:

This criterion focuses on the degree of the staff's cooperation with his colleagues and the extent of his positive attitude towards dealing with them, for the interest of work.

Fourth Criterion - Participation and Responsibility:

This criterion focuses on the extent to which the staff is keen to participate in the activities and events organized by the Deanship. This criterion also focuses on the degree to which the staff assumes his job responsibilities.

Fifth Criterion - Commitment to working hours:

This criterion focuses on the extent to which the staff is keen on working hours by showing up for work early, being present during working hours, and not being absent or seeking permission except for an acceptable emergency excuse.

Sixth Criterion - Ability to Learn:

It focuses on the extent of the staff's desire and ability to learn skills related to his work tasks, and the extent to which he benefits from the experiences of his experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. It also refers to the staff's efforts to obtain any knowledge related to his work and contribute to the development of his performance.