The Dean of College Speech



The kingdom of Saudi Arabia attests a massive development in all fields especially the educational field which resulted in broad establishment of universities and new colleges including community colleges in the Saudi universities which play a crucial role in going up with the development plans requirements through qualifying the graduates scientifically and practically in the fields needed in the labor market. The philosophy of Majmaah community college, which is considered as one of the corner stones of this great institution that provides knowledge based on both educational and practical aspects, is based on providing services to the local community through offering massive and miscellaneous academic and vocational programs that aim to acquiring the skills needed in the local labor market. The college also prepares the students for going on the university education efficiently and with the optimum qualification so, the deanship of Majmaah community college , supported by the university administration headed by His Excellency the vice chancellor Dr. Khaled Saad Al Migrin, adopts the development as a must imposed by the up-to-date considerations. The college deanship is desirous to develop its academic programs through offering new academic majors and a girls branch so as to serve a huge number of male and female students. I request all the college students and the interested parts to benefit from the college website services and we respect your well-advised ideas concerning the website development as feedback which we consider one of the successful administration factors that supports the efforts of the website designers and in this concern I appreciate the effort of the college members and employees with my best wishes for more success and prosperity for our country under the prudent leadership of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.                                                                                                                             

We invoke Allah for successfulness


    Community College Dean   

   Dr. Sultan Mohammed Al Muteiri