Message from the Supervisor of PMO


The Project Management Office (PMO) has an influential role in achieving goals and maintaining a high level of quality and development. Majma’ah University was at the forefront of public sectors that set up and activated the PMO, realizing the importance of enhancing institutional work, documenting procedures, and maintaining transparency in project implementation to contribute to advancing the project’s progress in various fields.

The primary role of the office is to ensure the success of projects and lead in the planning and completion of university projects successfully, applying the best international standards. 

PMO strives to achieve multiple goals including how to promote the culture of project management, developing a project management methodology, improving the university's project managers' skills, creating a more collaborative project management environment, providing the Supreme Council with comprehensive reports on the status of projects at the university and analyzing the performance measurement indicators for the projects and those working on them.

The PMO also cooperates with other departments at the university and contributes to the development of necessary practices and procedures. It also offers training when needed. 

Dr. Ayman Al-Barakati

Supervisor of the PMO