System of Kingdom's Vision 2030

About the System:

In line with the university’s policy to interact with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 by introducing its goals and the programs that serve the vision, MU rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren has directed to develop an interactive system to promote the culture of the vision.

The vision realization office at MU, supported by the General Administration for Administrative and Financial Affairs, PMO, Deanship of IT, the General Administration for Operational and Maintenance and the General Administration for University has developed and promoted this system.

The system’s primary idea is to provide information, news and media about the programs and initiatives of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 held either by MU or other sectors. Everyone can access the content of the system via 26 e-platforms that can be found in conspicuous areas at the university.

Components of the system:

Part one: This part features general information such as:

  • Website of Kingdom’s vision 2030
  • Initiatives of Kingdom’s vision 2030
  • Gallery of videos about the vision
  • Gallery of photos about the vision
  • Gallery of articles about the vision
  • Gallery of news about the vision

Part two: This part is exclusive for sectors that install the platform to display their activities. It features the following galleries of a sector:

  • Gallery of videos
  • Gallery of photos
  • Gallery of articles
  • Gallery of news

In this part, sectors can publish activities and advertisement

To visit the platform, click here: