Introducing Majmaah Province:

Majmaah is the capital of Majmaah Province (Sudair region). It is northern Riyadh. It is one of Riyadh provinces. It is the largest city of the province. It is located north-west Riyadh in an area of 180 Km. its borders is as follows- from south Thadiq province and from the west is Shaqraah Province, from the north-west is Ghat and Zulfi provinces and North –east is Hufr Al Batin province and  eastern border is Al Duhnaah Desert and South-east is Rimaah Province.

History of Majmaah Province:

The history of the construction of Majmaah dated back to (820AH) ( 1417 AD) by Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Saif Al Shimmary Al Mibayar. He is from Shimmar Tribe. He was under the authority of Hussain Bin Mudlij head of Twaim area. After the death of Hussain, Abdullah Al Shimmary asked Ibrahim, son of Hussain Al Mudlij , who was ruling Hurmmah at that time to give him piece of land to grow trees and live in it with his sons, consequently, he gave him Majmaah area.this area is very important because it is in the way of all caravans. Later the place is known as Majmaah and people began to settle down in Majmaah.

Majmaah has a population of about 60,000 people including the citizens and residents and the number of residential neighborhoods in the city is about 12 neighborhoods and the number of housing units is about 4497 units. Majmaah is the biggest city in the province and its administrative and commercial founded in 820 AH. All central governments' departments are in the city and have  branches in some cities and villages in the province. The City situated in a strategic location where it meets through Riyadh Qassim Medina highway from the south to the north-west with Hufr Albatin and Kuwait highway.  Pilgrims annually passes through Majmaah by tens of thousands and also in the pilgrimage season and thousands of pilgrims pass through it throughout the year to the holy Macca from south and east of the Kingdom, Oman, the Arabian Gulf Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and other Islamic countries.