Vission & Mission

Achieving leadership in the field of nursery at the local, regional and global level in accordance with the quality standards


Preparing scientifically, educationally, and professionally qualified teachers in nursery able to compete in the labor market and participate in research and educational services to the community in the areas of childhood and its issues



  Preparing distinct cadres who are scientifically, professionally and ethically good at using the technical methods and tools for effective learning through high-quality programs in all decisions in the field of nursery

 Developing study plans in line with recent trends in nursery, as well as the actual needs of the local community and the labor market plus the requirements of accreditation and quality

 Spreading community awareness of the importance of nursery and their impact on personal growth and construction through workshops and training courses

  Conducting scientific research that addresses the issues and problems of childhood and nursery, and providing solutions through effective partnership with community organizations to ensure sustainable development.

  Achieving real effective integration among kindergarten children with special needs and ordinary peers deepening the concept of integration of these children between the members of the community.

  Developing a true partnership among kindergarten sections of all Saudi universities to exchange knowledge and to achieve the possible ways of taking advantages of the information reflected in the quality of output