CLS Mission, Goals and Objectives


To prepare competencies in Clinical laboratory field through an educational environment supportive of scientific research and community service to cope with the evolution in the field of laboratory diagnostic techniques.

Program goals:

  • Professional and highly skillful graduates in the field of medical laboratory sciences.   
  • Life-long learning and scientific research, ethics and humane aspects of clinical laboratory practices.
  • Develop the leadership, communication skills and effectiveness work in team.

Program objectives:

Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Program at Majmaah University enables students to:

  1. Equip students with a mastery of the fundamental principles and recent advances in Clinical Laboratory.
  2. Provide students with sufficiently detailed information about the modern technologies used in diagnostics and research to enable them to apply these to complex problem solving in the investigation of disease
  3. Enable students to understand and use the principles of laboratory management, safety, quality control, research and statistical methods in their professional lives.
  4. Motivate students to commit to life-long learning and scientific research to solve health problems of the community.
  5. Give students the ability to critically evaluate current research literature in biomedical science, and an acquisition of the skills for lifelong learning
  6. Allow students to develop mastery of management, leadership and communication skills, teamwork, writing and presentation skills