Muharram 1441
18 September 2019

General administration for administrative planning and developing organizes a workshop for discussing the annual report and operating plan

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Within the framework of the directions of his Highness the University Rector that confirm facilitating all the barriers come in the way of executing the strategic plan for the university and faculties, General Administration for Administrative Planning and Developing held a workshop for the sake of achieving two goals under the leadership of Dr. Mohammad Naser Alsuweid, the general supervisor of the administration. These two goals are: first, discussing the first annual report of the first operating plan, second, full preparation for designing the second operating plan and establishing teams headed by their Excellency Deans. In the workshop, there were a display and discussion about the prominent issues and difficulties that were noticed in the past phase. Also, a discussion on the directions and keenness of the university leaders to design operating plans to be derived from the university strategic plan and Afaq plan. At the end of the workshop, thanks and appreciation were offered to all who contributed to forming the objectives and creating initiatives. Constant co-operation is very much needed for fulfilling the goals of the plan.