Shawwal 1438
21 July 2017

Receiving Director of Internal Audit Department of Saudi Railway Company (SAR)


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Following an approval from Majmaah University Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqrin, the Head of the Department of Internal Audit, Mr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Themeri along with a few staff members at the Department received Mr. Faisal Al-Mandeel- Director of the Internal Audit Department at the Saudi Railway Company (SAR) in his visit to the Internal Department of the University. The visit aimed at exchanging knowledge and experience of both departments for the development of the Internal Audit processes at the University. Mr. Faisal has considerable expertise in the field since he had worked at the National Guard Hospital and Rajhi Capital Group as an Internal Audit Officer. The high level of professionalism at the University Department caught the eye of Mr. Faisal. “It’s really wonderful to see such progress at a newly-established department!” he said. At the end of the visit, Mr. Faisal welcomed mutual collaboration between the company and the University, promising further communications in that regard.