MU rector, Prof. Saleh Al-Mizil, welcomed in his office the university's scouts who participated in the public service programs for Hajj this year, 1444 AH. The meeting took place in the presence of the vice-rector, Prof. Mohammed Al-Aboudi, and the dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Saleh Al-Rashidi.

Congratulating and appreciating their efforts to serve pilgrims, MU rector highlighted that the university strives to help them in overcoming all obstacles to achieve their goals of serving the country, reminding them of the importance of community volunteer programs that serve society through social responsibility.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Al-Mizil presented certificates of appreciation to the university scouts for their efforts to serve pilgrims. 

 This participation was at the request of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to serve pilgrims and an extension of the university's annual participation since its establishment. A scout group of 16 members and a leader from various colleges were briefed by the dean of Student Affairs motivated them to seek reward and blessings from Allah in their service. The scout group was part of 46 scout groups from university scouts across the Kingdom which was located in Arafat camp.

The team received a training in the early days on mapping techniques to locate the camps of the Hajj campaigns. They were taken to the field in to guide lost pilgrims to their camps and assist them in finding whatever they needed. The participation of the scouts in the public service camps for Hajj included various programs and events.

The scout group won several awards at the camp such as the gold level in mapping, first place for the best course on scout fires, best photographer, and fifth place in the initiatives presented by the group in the camp. 

This was pointed out by the head of the Sports and Scout Activity Department, Mr. Ali Al-Hanou, who expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the dean of Student Affairs for his support and all members of the university scouts for their outstanding participation in the public service programs for Hajj in 1444 AH.




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