Prof. Saleh Al-Mizil, MU rector, patronized the forum organized by the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs under the theme “Towards excellence in academic programs”.

The forum which was held in the presence of vice-rectors, deans and heads of departments, began by a speech for the vice-rector for educational affairs, Prof. Mohammed Al-Obudi, who talked about the vital role of university staff to achieve excellence in academic programs.

In a detailed presentation about the education quality indicators, Prof. Al-Obudi highlighted the standards of education quality, and they are: development of leadership system of academic program, improvement of educational outcomes, design courses based on international standards, boost educational process efficiency and enhance the level of knowledge, skills and values.

In a welcoming speech to audience, MU rector, Prof. Al-Mizil extended his thanks to the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs for organizing this forum, and to everyone who attended this event to exchange expertise.

A presentation about digital transformation in learning was given by the supervisor of vice-rector, Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Rabayan, who highlighted the significance of digital transformation, points of strengths and weakness, future challenges and models associated with statistics.

Dr. Al-Rabayan also talked about the scientific and procedural concept of transformation and the mechanisms of update for study plans to match with digital transformation, highlighting the comparison of two semesters against three.

The sessions of the forum were presented by faculty members on a variety of themes, including: experience of transforming to three semesters, measurement of alumni characteristics, enhancement of student skills, computing learning outcomes measurement, education based on case study, scientific camps.

A large number of people have participated in the forum which was broadcasted to female campus.

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Sunday, 17/October/2021