The Deanship of Admission and Registration at MU announced the opening of admission for the academic year 1443 AH in all majors, from the period 24/11/1442 to 30/11/1442 AH. Students can apply on the Unified Admission Portal in Riyadh region via this link: .

Confirmation of admission for first stage begins by 4/12/1442 and ends by 7/12/1442 AH. The final results and confirmation of admission will be during the period from 8/12/1442 to 14/12/1442 AH.

Applying for students at lady campus will be available during the period from 23/11/1442 to 28/11/1442 AH via the Unified Admission Portal ( Announcement of results and confirmation of admission will start on 2/12/1442 and ends on 5/12/1442.

Dr. Saud Al-Muqhem, vice-dean for admission and registration, explained the entire process of e-admission and reminded students to check the timetable of admission and to be careful when filling forms and selecting their majors. He also encouraged students to see the available majors via the admission portal or the link of the Deanship of Admission and Registration (


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