Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
22 October 2020

Concluding of Legal Affairs Forum in king saud University

Last Modified Wed, 2016/04/13 - 08:43

The Forum of Legal Affairs Departments was concluded on Monday 27/05/1437 AH, 07/03/2016 which was held at King Saud University in cooperation between the Saudi Judicial Scientific Society "Qada’" and the College of Law and Political Sciences. Moreover, the Majmaah University Department of Legal Affairs took part in this forum represented by mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah AlHammad, the Director of Legal Affairs. The Forum was held under the patronage of the Rector of King Saud University, Dr. Badran bin AbdulrahmanAlOmar, and was also attended by King Saud University Vice Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah AlOthman. It included eighteen worksheets divided among five sessions, which are as follow: - the first session was titled "Establishment and Restructuring", and was headed by the Dean of the College of Law and Political Sciences at King Saud University, Dr. Mufleh AlQahtani. - The second session of the forum was titled "Partnering with Law Firms", and was headed by the lawyer Dr. Ahmad AlSaqaih. - The Third Session was titled "Litigation and Dispute Resolution", and was headed by Dr. Hamad AlRasin. - The fourth session was titled "Qualification and Training", and was headed by the Sheikh Suleiman AlKhudair. - The fifth session was titled "Legal advice", and was headed by Dr. Muammar AlOmari. In addition to worksheets, each session included several discussions and debates. Followed by a concluding session held in the presence of Dr. Hamad AlRasin, Mufleh AlQahtani, and Dr. Yusef AlMahwus. Moreover, Dr. AlMahwus, the secretary of the assembly, reported that the following recommendations: 1- to put a system that shows the location of the Legal Department, and emphasize its role in the Department’s success. 2- Emphasizing the independence of legal departments in terms of work, and their association with the head manager of the facility. 3- Stressing the importance of commitment to the legal opinion issued by these departments and maintaining it impartially 4- Establishing strong ties with the legislative authorities in the country in order to improve performance. 5- Maintaining the Department’s relationship with the judicial organizations, which is due to the fact that the larger goal of the Department is resolving conflicts before escalation that leads to legal intervention. 6- Acquiring qualified trainers in the field of law, after setting certain standards for that. 7- To keep holding training workshops in the field of law, and observing international experiences in this field. 8- Allowing the legal departments the necessary authority in their respective facilities. 9- Stressing the importance of legal training 10- Proposing the establishment of a legal authority for government agencies to oversee legal work in the public interest. 11- Concentrating on preventive measures, especially with regard to contracts and management decisions.