A Workshop held by Deanship of Quality to qualify academic programs applying for program-based accreditation at College of Applied Medical Science


At the request of the Higher Central Committee for Quality & Academic Accreditation, a team from the Deanship of Quality & Skills Development (DQSD) paid a visit to the College of Applied Medical Science to oversee and prepare the academic programs that applied for the program-oriented accreditation before the external audit team visit.

The team was headed by the vice-rector for Educational Affairs and supervisor of the DQSD, Dr. Mohammed al-Obudi, and included the vice-dean at female campus, Dr. Bashayer al-Rumaih, the vice-dean for Academic Accreditation Affairs, Dr. Tawfiq al-Medeihem and the adviser of the deanship, Dr. Almutawali Badeer.

The team was welcomed by the dean, Dr. Mazen al-Ghatani, the vice-deans and heads of quality at the academic departments.

A workshop was held to discuss all the possible questions that might be asked during the visit based on quality standards of program-based accreditation.

The workshop was wrapped up by a Q&A session with the working team.

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