A Workshop held by Deanship of Quality in Hawtat Sudair

In the presence of more than 30 faculty members, the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development conducted a workshop on quality requirements and program-based accreditation at the College of Science and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair.
The workshop was presented by Dr. Bashayer Al-Rumaih, Vice-Dean at female campus, who emphasized the importance of reviewing and creating learning outcomes of academic programs at MU.
The workshop is part of the efforts made by the Deanship of Quality to achieve its objectives, one of which is to increase the university staff’s awareness of quality requirements.
The Deanship of Quality is pleased to thank the dean of the College of Science and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair, Dr. Tariq Al-Bahlal and his vice, Dr. Nora Al-Shehri for their concern and cooperation to achieving the desired goals.

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Tuesday, 11/February/2020