A Workshop on Education Quality and Academic Accreditation

As part of the efforts made by the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development to increase students’ awareness of quality and its impact on academic achievement, the deanship participated in the open meeting held for the college of education students in Majmaah.
In highlighting what the deanship is expecting from students, the vice-dean for quality and development, Dr. Bashayer Al-Rumaih pointed out the roles of students to maintain quality of education and academic accreditation for program-based accreditation.
Dr. Al-Rumaih also emphasized the significant contributions made by students in the process of teaching and learning, evaluation and leadership skills.
The dean of the college of education, Dr. Majed Aba-Hussein, extended his thanks to the deanship for quality and skills development for its participation.

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Tuesday, 25/February/2020