A Workshop on Creating Learning Outcomes

The Deanship of Quality and Skills Developed conducted a workshop entitled “Creating Learning Outcomes” at the College of Science in Zulfi.
Presented by Dr. Bashayer Al-Rumaih, the workshop was attended by 45 faculty members.
The workshop is conducted for the third time in a row, previously held at the College of Education in Majmaah and the College of Science and Humanities in Ghat. It is part of the developmental project set by the Deanship of Quality to increase faculty member’s awareness with quality requirements.
The Deanship of Quality is pleased to thank the College of Science in Zulfi, represented by the dean, Dr. Hani Al-Quhayz and the vice-dean, Dr. Muna Al-Halafai, for hosting the workshop and their concern to meet the quality requirements at MU.

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Friday, 07/February/2020