Quality Deanship and Skills Development Present (Departmental Evaluation Mechanism Workshop)

As part of the implementation of the Quality Deanship and skills development for its executive plan for 1440/1441 academic year that aims to evaluate the performance of the university units and identify the strengths and weaknesses for development in addition to preparing the University Departments to write their CVs in accordance with the criteria set by the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.

The Deanship presented a workshop entitled "Evaluation of Departments" on Thursday 23 January 2020, targeting the male and female sections on campus.

The workshop was presented by The Vice-Dean for Academic Accreditation Mr. Tawfiq Al-Madhim and Mr. Majid Al-Manai.

The women's sections were supervised by Ms. Noura al-Haqil and Ms. Basma al-Abd al-Jabbar.

All departments- except the newly established ones- were targeted for:
- Continuous improvement of the University performance.
- Applying good performance standards.
- Comparison of departmental performance.
- Exchanging of experiences and establishing a spirit of competition among departments.
- Achieving quality and institutional accreditation requirements.
- - Follow-up on the application of ISO requirements.
- Documentation through the collection of evidence.
- Preparing for the University application to renew academic accreditation 2023.

The evaluation included the following departments:
- Legal Department
- Department of measurement, evaluation and excellence
- General Follow-up Department
- Department of International Cooperation and Scientific Societies
- Department of Public Relations and University Media
- Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Department of Medical Services
- Department of Scholarship and training
- General Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs
- Publishing and Translation Centre
- General Department of Projects and Technical Affairs
- General Department for Occupational Safety and Health
- Internal Audit Department
- General Services Department
- General Department for Administrative Development
- General Equipment Department
- General Department of Operation and Maintenance
- Social Responsibility Observatory
- General Department of Facilities and Housing
- Administrative Communications Centre
- General Department of University Security
- General Department of Strategic Planning
- Office of Project Management
- Department of Student Support and Alumni Affairs
- Department of academic plans and programs

It is worth mentioning that this workshop is carried out in accordance with a specific and announced mechanism for departments since the beginning of this year. The self-evaluation mechanism of the departments has been sent out to check the level of their performance. The best performing departments will be honored on the Day of Quality and Excellence.

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