Participation of Dr. Al-Rumaih in Quality Program

During the quality week launched by the Vice-Dean’s Office for Quality and Development at the College of Science and Humanities in Ghat, the Vice-Dean, Dr. Bashayer Al-Rumaih is participating in a workshop entitled ‘creating learning outcomes based on NCAAA standards”.
The workshop aims to raise faculty members’ awareness of quality requirements, an act that will pave the way for the university to earn the program-based accreditation and to promote the culture and practices of quality to help the university in improving the educational services in a way that meets the university’s vision and aspirations.
The Deanship of Quality and Skills Development in Ghat is pleased thank the Dean, Dr. Omar Al-Omar and both the Vice-Dean for Quality, Dr. Ali Al-Sa’awi and the Vice-Dean, Ms. Reem Al-Mutairi, for their support in increasing the awareness about quality.

Last modified
Wednesday, 22/January/2020