Internal Audit Workshop for Master Degree Programs

Chaired by Vice-Dean for Quality Assurance, Dr. Abdullah Bajahzar and in the presence of the Vice-Dean for Female Students and advisors, the Quality and Skills Development Deanship conducted a workshop on internal audit for Master Degree Programs based on the standards of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.
The workshop was also attended by over 25 participants including the dean of college of education and the vice-dean of deanship of graduate studies and the vice-dean for quality and the deanship of community and representative of quality at colleges and supervisors of MA programs (business administration –college of computer science and information- applied medical science – college of education in Majmaah – college of education in Zulfi).
The standards of evaluating MA programs were explained along with highlighting the importance of focusing on the educational outcomes and scientific research for graduate students.
The workshop was wrapped by making recommendations.

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Monday, 23/December/2019