Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center visits Riyadh Chamber

Dr. Abdullah Bajahzar, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, paid a visit to Riyadh Chamber to cooperate in inculcating the culture of investment, freelancing and efficiency among students. 

Dr. Bajahzar was welcomed by the Head of the Businesswomen’s Committee, Ms. Abeer Al-Houqal, Head of the Women’s Investors Committee, Hind Al-Baiz and Ms. Nouf Al-Jarallah. 

The two sides agreed on the following recommendations:

- Holding a workshop between the two sides to set the foundations for joint action plans of activities and services that serve students

- Holding an open meeting with female students to introduce the role of the Riyadh Chamber and its services for self-employment

- Holding a series of workshops, training courses and awareness and educational meetings that consolidate the culture of investment to achieve the country's economic development goals

- Allow students to learn about the basics of trade and investment in accordance with the needs of the labor market

- Offering free tips from specialists

- Sharing successful projects


Last modified
Wednesday, 05/January/2022