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01 December 2020

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No Disability with Will
My Disability Doesn’t Stop My Talent

The program of Supporting innovations and ideas of Majmaah University SNS:

  • Work on the transfer innovators and brilliants of SNS from isolation to integration with the rest of the university students.
  • Design a specific framework for each student: by studying their learning styles, level of work, and the ability to think and understand and develop at the same time.
  • Develop their creative thinking and refine their real talent methods through access to information and skills they need.
  • Provide Individualized Education: This is particular to some cases to meet their different learning styles and abilities.
  • Provide a structure for innovators’ education: many SNS find it difficult to organize information and develop innovative work habits.
  • Build self-confidence for SNS: provide information in a gradually, to allow them to master a specific topic in one level before moving on to more difficult material.
  • Cooperation with parents about students' skills and their problems at the same time in this area.
  • The use of modern technology that can help SNS to support innovation and creative ideas: there are many ways that you can use ICT to enhance SNS skills to raise their education, types of support are developed During the classification of all SNS cases through academic advisers, and customize them with sufficient time through weekly hours at the center.
  • Adapt the standard SNS programs: application, compatibility and cooperation, in order to obtain a constant store for text, images, sounds at the different innovations in materials and programs according to the different needs.
  • Take advantage of SNS browsers: It is provided with speech recognition devices, allowing access to the Internet for SNS, and enable them to access the Internet in the same manner as their peers.
  • Improve networking facilities to allow for more effective cooperation between universities and institutions and centers of communication for all types of SNS through online networks (discussion groups, mailing lists, chat, etc ...).
  • Provide modern research to activate the role of information and communication technology in society.
  • Suitability of Majmaah University innovation club for SNS.
  • The development of all the ideas and innovations to facilitate SNS daily life solve their problems (innovations are not less than 3% around the world today).