Rabi Al-Thani 1442
26 November 2020

Initializing SNS Academic Environment

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Initializing SNS Academic Environment

Under the title of "academic campus for all" the university Rectorship worked on the project of Initializing SNS Academic Environment, where the project includes establishing an environment and technical configuration and the suggession of academic acceptance for this category.



Majmaah University initiative was represented by the Rectorship to activate the national project in higher education for students with special needs, and the philosophy of the project to provide integrated services and supplies for all the university SNSs to help them adapt to the university environment.
The project started the inventory of SNS at the university and to identify their problems in order to have them covered in the best ways and means and alternatives and provide the tools and devices that create the appropriate educational environment for them, and employ all the human and material means to meet their needs.