Message from the Editor-in-Chief


Scientific publishing has brought many challenges to authors. With increasing number of scientific journals, varying scopes and reviewing requirements, and cost of publishing to authors, finding the right journal to publish an article is a decision many authors must bitterly confront and resolve. The publication of scientific findings is an integral part of the life of researchers; and the process of publishing has evolved to become an efficient system of decimating knowledge and collaboration among scientists. Science journals have institutionalized procedures to manage large volume of article submissions per year; in many cases, journals began to define narrower scopes for a dual purpose: managing submissions and delivering outstanding research.

Based on recent studies, the scientific publishing world consists of more than 25 thousands active journals in various disciplines and fields. Science Direct hosts 3,348 journals (as of February 2014). The Directory of Open Access Journals lists in its search engine more than 9,800 open access online journals.

According to recent estimates, the number of scientific journals grows by 3% per year worldwide. With this large number of journals, journals may find it harder to stay afloat.

In its inauguration, the board of editors is honored to introduce to the scientific community the Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences - JEAS, another scientific journal from Majmaah University. The board has pledged a commitment to JEAS authors and readers to bring the most dynamic and vibrant journal management with better satisfaction.

Dr. Mohamed Alshehri