Public Relations

- Have a direct communication with the Public Relations & Medical at the University and the different visual and electronic media outlets to cover the events held by the Dean’s Office - Supervise the website of the Dean’s Office - Supervise the social media networks of the Dean’s Office - Follow-up the activities and programs organized by the Dean’s Office - Edit news to cover the daily activities of the Dean’s Office - Supervise designing, printing and distributing the publications of the Dean’s Office - Create a database that has a list of deans and vice-rector’s names - Respond to inquiries about the Dean’s Office - Present visitors of the Dean’s Office with publications and token gifts - Prepare the Dean’s Office publications for special occasions (e.g. posters, files, booklets) - Coordinate with companies for making plaques and gifts during special occasions - Book the auditorium for holding conference and summits - Writing letters to concerned sectors and coordinate with them on special occasions (Department of Project and Maintenance – Department of Security – Department of Facilities and Services)