The deanship along with its units in faculties and deanships of the university intends to assess the university performance and develop the educational, research and administrative procedures as well as obtaining the institutional and academic accreditation for all university programs. This primary objective shall be achieved via the following secondary objectives:

- to set out systems that define how works are achieved with high quality

- To promote awareness among all the university employees of the importance of quality and the necessary strategies to achieve them

- To provide all types of assistance to the academic departments and administrative units in quality matters and follow-up their progress

- To design the necessary tools to assess the educational process via measuring the input and output performance indicators of the educational process. (faculty members, workers, students, graduates..etc)

- To identify the strength and weakness aspects in study programs offered by the university and provide suggestions for constant enhancement.

- To coordinate with the National Commission for academic accreditation and assessment and abide by its regulations and instructions

- To communicate constantly with those benefit from the university services and inquire about their impressions and advice about the strategies of developing the skills

- To conduct the training programs that contribute in developing the skills of the university employees

- To exchange experience and ideas pertinent to university education development with similar units and centers in Saudi and international universities.

- To prepare annual reports about the quality assurance