Muharram 1441
19 September 2019

The Deanship Director of the Administrative and Financial Affairs

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51


● To apply the rules and the regulations of the university in regard to the administrative and financial affairs.

● To report directly the presence and the absence of the Deanship’s employees

●to oversee the attendance and the absence records of the administrative and technical employees of the deanship.

●to organize the regular vacations of the administrators, technicians, and employees of the deanship.

● the termination of the administrative procedures relating to the contractors of the deanship

● following-up requests of generalizing the assurance of transportation expanses for the needs of the deanship

●the application of the financial affairs and the pledges allocated to the deanship in accordance with the rules and regulations

● preparing the initial idea for the annual budget of the deanship for the General Department of Planning and Budget

●Supervising the assurance of the deanship’s purchases of the urgent requirements in accordance to the deanship’s advance system

●reserving rooms and securing nutrition to ensure the availability of all the requirements of events that are held inside and outside the deanship

●following-up the maintenance and the installation operations in the deanship