Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
26 October 2020

The Dean of study speech

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The Deanship of Graduate Studies is the axis of communication between the university and the scientific and research institutes, both inside and outside the kingdom, in addition to being the university’s starting point to the world. Thus, it is one of the most important constituents of the university because it is tightly linked to the process of qualifying researchers in the various scientific fields which contribute to the advancement of society. This is achieved by activating the mechanisms of development in all aspects, and working to solve the problems the society faces, not to mention its role in enriching the various human sciences through specialized studies and research papers. This way, it effectively contributes to the development of our homeland, and participates in treating our social and cultural issues. The university has done a good deed – under the guidance of his Excellency the President of the University – when it emphasized and activated the role of the Deanship of Graduate Studies to serve the community on a large scale, bearing in mind the market needs and the social, cultural and economic changes in the kingdom. That was attained through striking a balance between what the programs of graduate studies have to offer, and the demands of development and the employment market. The deanship is working to achieve that under the umbrella of the university’s futuristic vision to achieve its exalted message, taking into account the quality standards accredited by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment. The deanship includes two departments: Graduate Studies Department, and Training and Scholarship Department.