The Authorities and Functions of Follow-up Unit

1. Overall and careful supervision over all the various departments in the university and the subordinate units to ensure work safety and streamline performance and services to students.

2. Making tours to follow the various university units, its management and subordinate units in order to highlight the excellent and weak points, so discovering any failure in fulfilling job duties will be easy. Also, coordinating with the competent authorities in the university in order to convey all suggestions needed to enhance the performance of the staff.     

3. Following workflow in the university administrations, departments and subordinate units to make sure everything is going according to the regulations and procedures.

4. Examining complaints about administrative and financial violations and discussing them in order to resolve these complaints.

5. Conducting preliminary investigations or participating in the early investigations that were disclosed by censorship association or received from the public after verifying them in accordance with instructions followed in this regard.

6. Monitoring the working hours of university staff and the subordinate units. Also, checking the staff attendance sheets and taking action towards those who are not punctual and informing the rector about it.

7. Communicating with Control and Investigation Board in every respect that is to do with university in accordance with the delegated powers.

8. Developing and reinforcing the concept of self-censorship among the university staff.

9. Organizing and saving files and information pertaining to work observation at the university to help extract information needed in an easy manner.

10. Making proposals that would facilitate and improve workflow in the university.

11. Modernizing the special procedures pertaining to administration business and development in collaboration with the Administrative development Unit.

12. Preparing periodic reports for the management activities, achievements, remarks and recommendations concerning the latest developments such as preparing monthly and yearly statistics on complaints and violations, compiling them, doing analysis, drawing conclusions and submitting them to the immediate supervisor.

13. Approving the regular and emergency holidays for the administration's employees provided that administration of personnel complete the other procedures.

14. Preparing performance evaluation forms for the management eighth-grade staff and above. Also, approving performance reports for the eighth-grade staff and below is another function of the follow-up unit.