Dental Education Department


Dental education is a fast evolving dynamic field and requires constant review and updates to keep up with advanced teaching and assessment methods, which in turn helps in delivering dental education of the highest standards. This specific department was set up to provide support to the teaching faculty and students to improve the quality of dental education by providing a wide range of educational services and consultations to faculty and curricular units.


Department Mission:

  • To facilitate the implementation of the vision and mission of the College of Dentistry and University of Majmaah, while aligning to the evolving paradigms of contemporary Dental education practices and principles and to ensure that the education delivered is of the highest standards of quality.


Department Objectives:

  • - To provide logistical support to the teaching faculty in terms of smart boards and podium
  • - To conduct workshops to enhance and improve the teaching skills of the faculty
  • - To revise and implement changes in the curriculum
  • - To promote educational research


Units Associated with Dental Education Department

The department works in close integration with the following units to accomplish its objectives:

  1.        Schedules and Exams Unit -
  2. Programs and Study Plans Unit -
  3. E-Learning Unit -
  4. Labs and Equipment Unit -
  5. Measurements and Assessment Unit -


Dental Education Department staff:



Rank / Position


Oral Pathology

Head of Department

 1 - Dr/ Saleem sheikh

Dental Education

Assistant professor

 2 - Dr/ Eyad Naji



 3 - Dr/ Zuber Ahmed Naqvi