Hadher Electronic Project

Follow-up Administration has started electronic Hadher project for supervising, controlling, deducting and giving admissions online. It has been commended by different bodies inside and outside the university. Director of Investigation and Control Association in Almajma'ah has mentioned that Hadher project could be beneficial for other institutions as it represents a great example for dealing with controlling and following processes. It also helps organize the log-in-and-out process through an accurate database the program provides. This project is considered one of the most crucial innovative programs as it was created and developed by Saudi qualifications from the university staff. There was some sort of co-operation among all university units in entering the data quickly and accurately. It was executed by Deanship of Information Technology as it is the first project of its kind in the Saudi universities. Moreover, Hadher project is a fundamental project as there are a quite number of affiliated units and administrations in Remah, Houtat Sadeer, Almajma'ah, Alzulfi, Aghat implementing it. Besides, the number of female and male staff has been four times increasing that the number of university staff is more than (2300) female and male staff in addition to the programs ability such as excel. There have been some problems due to processing the data manually which is very time-consuming. Consequently, this has delayed the submission of the data for several months. The objectives of the project is summarized in linking all faculties, administrations, units by an accurate electronic system to supervise workflow and get rid of paper work in order to achieve the highest level of accuracy and flexibility and make work easier and less time-consuming. This project also helps guarantee precise work and facilitate identifying an employee through his personal details. In addition, this project enables people in charge in the university units to follow punctuality and qualification of employees and it gives different authorities to all parties working in the university whether the observer or the ordinary employees within the university staff circle. This will help facilitate dealing with different tasks the university units and administrations are required to tackle precisely and in timed fashion.                                                 




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