Director's Message

     Implementing regulations and instructions as well as transparency in carrying out transactions are some of the goals the university seeks to reach the highest levels. These goals are the strong foundations that any academic institution must grow on. From this standpoint, the Follow-up Administration aims to participate and contribute to achieving the aforementioned goals in collaboration with deanships, colleges and subordinate units in the University.


     The role of follow-up administration is not limited to direct control over business hours and workflow, but it goes beyond to monitoring the implementation of laws, regulations and instructions. It extends its functions to follow the execution of the strategic plan and the approved goals by deanships and administrations whose function is to assess progress of the process and the outcomes. The administration derives its importance from the functions and responsibilities it is required to do. In addition to that, the administration is considered the monitor and it is responsible for all the activities and events, and it makes us figure out the strengths and weaknesses.  Also, it prevents any financial or administrative violations. Most importantly, Follow-up Administration will reinforce the concept of self-monitoring among all the university staff .no matter what their positions and functions are


    The possibility for the administration to succeed in achieving the goals and plans does not solemnly depend on the quality of the various programs and policies, but also on the availability of continuous monitoring. At this point, I would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the University Rector for his custody and continuous follow-up, specially the Follow-up Administration and its staff. Finally, may Allah the Almighty help us achieve our goals for serving religion and our dear homeland.


Follow-up Administration's Director

Abdullah Dhaidan Alharbi