Rabi Al-Thani 1442
01 December 2020

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Monday 02 Dec 2019

Under the patronage of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, the Vice-Rector’s Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, represented by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) held an activity in conjunction with the global entrepreneurship week and in cooperation with the Deanship of Community Service in the presence of the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shaya’a. A series of sessions were held addressing several topics before which a speech was delivered by the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Saeed Banwas. The first session was chaired by Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri and included two papers: Dr. Olayan Al-Harbi presented a paper entitled: “Invent new business solutions in the interdisciplinary era”, which addressed the importance of innovative and creative thinking for entrepreneurship. Dr. Saleh bin Mayoof presented a paper entitled “Design thinking for entrepreneurs”, which focused on explaining brainstorming and creative thinking. The second session was chaired by Dr. Nasser Al-Shareef and included two papers: The first paper was presented by Dr. Ayman Al-Barakati who addressed entrepreneurship from the perspective of technology and how can technology be utilized in marketing and innovation. The second paper was presented by Dr. Bassam Salehi who talked about how creative ideas can be transformed into entrepreneurship projects. He listened to faculty members and students’ sharing ideas on how to transform thoughts into creativity and then to entrepreneurship. The floor was opened for scientific discussion with audience to address current works and create opportunities for future scientific endeavors in entrepreneurship. Addressing the audience at the end of the sessions, Prof. Al-Shaya’a, vice-rector, said that global entrepreneurship week is the largest event celebrating innovators who are capable of launching small-scale companies to bring their ideas to life. There is a compatibility between the activities of this week and the goals of IEC in the sense that both inspire via holding activities designed to discover entrepreneurs who are creative. The Global Entrepreneurship Week is the largest global event to celebrate innovators and entrepreneurs in the world. It is also an occasion to stimulate and develop entrepreneurship among ambitious and innovative young people. This week also aims to introduce entrepreneurship as an important strategy for achieving economic development and growth in society as well as achieving the goals of sustainable development. The importance of entrepreneurship is seen one of the sources that contribute to the diversification of sources of national income and provide solutions to economic problems.