Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
21 November 2019

University Principal’s Keynote Speech

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Why do we adopt a Strategic Plan for Majmaah University?



Majmaah University’s Strategic Plan is considered the most fundamental document for developing the academic enterprise and promoting its quality standards at the university level. In fact, the plan provides a useful roadmap for enabling the university’s students of both genders to reach comparatively competitive standards from an international perspective within the few next years. As a consequence, such endeavor assigns all the university community members’ tremendous responsibilities for the mobilization of efforts and making the full use of all available resources to eventually achieve the plan’s desired goals.


Notably, the preparation of Majmaah University’s strategic plan has undergone four basic consecutive stages as follows:

  1. Initial preparation for preparing the required strategic plan (planning-to-plan);
  2. Environmental scanning of the university’s internal and external environments in their both national as well as international dimensions;
  3. Identification of the plan’s major trends; and
  4. Formulation of the plan’s general goals and strategies.


It’s against this backdrop that the strategic plan’s team has conducted a plethora of meetings, dialogues and discussions in addition to holding several workshops with the aim of continuous evaluation of ongoing efforts to prepare the plan and reach agreed-upon trends; eventually resulting in the current version of Majmaah University’s strategic plan document.


          As a result, I reiterate that such document should constitute the core foundation for annual dialogues and discussions among the university’s high-level leadership and administration teams as well as its different colleges; thus contributing to the exact identification of certain annual tasks and duties to be performed by all concerned parties according to the university’s various mandates. Also, there’s another priority to maintain a continuous follow-up of carrying out such required tasks, analyze their outcomes and regarding them a major cornerstone for other further collaborative dialogues, assignments and required tasks during the following year for the plan’s actual implementation.


          In order to effectively be able to follow-up and evaluate the extent to which the plan fulfills its desired strategic goals, I personally recommend that the plan’s annual report to be presented to the principal’s office should include a variety of success measures and indicators so that we can precisely recognize the actual progress rate achieved by the university in fulfilling the plan’s desired outcomes or shortcomings. As a result, we can take plausible directive or corrective decisions and identify the most suitable priorities in tandem with the status quo in light of required results and needs.


           Notably, the current strategic plan document for the university includes an overview of its identity, current mission and future vision. Besides, it provides a general description of the university’s current top-priority strategic issues and priorities. Finally, it highlights the university’s major trends in the form of specific goals and ends in addition to suggesting suitable strategies for achieving such desired goals. In order to enable the plan to reach its expected outcomes, annual action plans would be drawn up including performance indicators in light of which we can measure and compare their results with their initial goals. In addition, such annual plans would also include the university’s top-priority projects in tandem with those strategic issues included in the current document.


On this occasion, I thank God, the Almighty, for his helpful hand in materializing this strategic plan, masterfully formulated to steer such nascent university’s future positioning trends. In addition, I thank all our dear kingdom’s top-level political leaders, most prominently His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz A-Saud, the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Crown-Prince for their continuous attention to educating students of both genders and supporting all endeavors seeking to empower them to fulfill their desired hopes and aspirations, in tandem with the interests of both our nation and citizens. Furthermore, I sincerely thank His Excellency Higher Education Minister and his deputy for all their ongoing assistance and support provided to Majmaah University. At last, I’d like to thank all participant internal team, the university’s outside partners and all the university’s community members for their persistent efforts and helpful contributions to the success of this pivotal project (i.e. Majmaah University’s strategic plan preparation).


Majmaah University Principal


Dr. Khaled bin Sa’ad Al-Moqrin