Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
21 November 2019

A Reading in A Hundred Selected International Universities” Visions, Missions and Values

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A Reading in A Hundred Selected International Universities” Visions, Missions and Values” is a research report basically focuses on conducting an in-depth survey for current global trends followed by the most prestigious universities worldwide.

The report provides an inquiry-based survey describing a hundred selected international universities highlighting their own visions, missions and core values. Also, it worth mention that the report is, in essence, based on the current educational and life context shared by most world universities, largely characterized by common worries and problems in addition to the tremendous effects of its rapid social, economic, scientific and technological innovations.
Notably, in our so-called “global village” world, in which it’s no longer possible at all for universities to limit themselves to their local problems and regional issues only; thus making it a top priority for them to keep a breast with existing global trends, predict future visions as well as cope with and fulfill international development requirements.
The adopted selection criterion basically depended on providing an overview of twenty universities at different Islamic World countries classified among the best five-hundred universities during the previous year of 2010 according to the Times THE-QS ranking of the best international universities, followed by other eighty universities selected from other different world regions according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) prepared by Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University, China, widely considered the most famous scholarly international universities ranking classification, also in the previous year of 2010. Notably, the selection criteria took into consideration the actual representation of all different world regions and countries, particularly the advanced developed ones, according to the degree of their importance and status on the international level.
          It’s against this backdrop and out of the sincere desire to pursue ongoing efforts in the field seeking to achieve the desired goals from conducting such scientific study and maximize its potential benefits that the AOTD has compiled and summarized the most important notions and trends illustrated in these universities’ visions, missions and values according to their common foundations in addition to their most pivotal trends in the field. Afterwards, such trends were arranged into a number of basic cores or dimensions in addition to highlighting relevant data and quotations referred to in such selected universities’ visions, missions and values.