Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
21 January 2020

Mission & Core Values

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Majmaah University’s Identity

* Majmaah University’s Identity in Light of Various University Types:

Universities may be classified by: (1) the students they serve; (2) the programs they deliver; and (3) the other purposes they serve.


For the purpose of understanding Majmaah University and its status quo, we should take into consideration the following university type classifications, namely:


  • International universities;
  • National universities; and
  • Regional universities.


Usually, regional universities that develop distinctive high-quality programs do so because the region has special needs or offers special opportunities. For example, a regional university located in a mining region may develop particularly strong degree programs in mining and materials science. A regional university located in a coastal city may develop a strong program in marine science. However, neither of these regional universities would be considered a special-purpose university. They would be classified as comprehensive universities offering degree programs in liberal arts and sciences, teacher education, business administration, nursing, and perhaps several other professional areas to meet the needs of regional employers.


With very few exceptions, international and national universities have a long history of serving their region as regional institutions before being recognized as national or international universities.


More particularly, Majmaah University was created specifically to serve its region in the pattern of other regional universities. As a regional university, Majmaah University’s strategic partners include both regional government leaders and regional business leaders.




          Majmaah University seeks to construct a high-quality academic environment in order to envision a competitive future for her graduates in a way promoting the achievement of sustainable development.




Majmaah University provides advanced educational as well as research services using a competitive academic system based on professional responsibility and effective community partnership.


Core Values


  • Mastery & Quality;
  • Teamwork;
  • Originality;
  • Creativity;
  • Justice; and
  • Initiative.



* Core Values Operational Definitions:


  • Mastery & Quality: Exerting efforts to do quality work and commitment to continuous improvement via mixing knowledge, skills, practical application, reflection, practice, inquiry and exploration.
  • Teamwork: Common or co-operative processes carried out by a group of individuals so that each sacrifices his own personal interests, viewpoints and opinions in favor of his workgroup’s unity and effectiveness in a way supporting its ongoing efforts to achieve a final common goal.
  • Originality: Respect and care for societal values, customs, traditions and heritage in addition to continuous development of the society’s culture and support for its sustainability.
  • Creativity: Generation or invention of new ideas, alternatives or suggestions that may practically benefit in problem-solving, communication and interaction with others as well as achieving desired welfare either for individuals or the society as a whole.
  • Justice: The extent to which the person commits himself to virtue and righteousness in his different actions in addition to enjoying the ability of equity, non-bias and adherence to his different rights and duties.

Initiative: It’s the ability to start ideas and projects, have persistence, take initiative, shoulder responsibility to accomplish desired tasks, purse performing required plans or tasks as well as enjoy readiness to quickly respond to various surrounding changes.