Rabi Al-Awaal 1441
12 November 2019

Key speech of the plan supervisor

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Majmaah University Strategic Plan: Why and How?



     Majmaah University aims to enhance its developmental role and improve the quality of its services to raise the efficiency of outputs in accordance with the objectives of higher education in the Kingdom. In the light of that and under the guidance and sponsorship of the Rector - may God protect him - this first strategic plan for the university colleges and deanships was formulated for the next three years as a medium-range stage through which sound foundations for the formulation of the starting long-term visions for the future of the university can be established

       The strategic plan for Majmaah University is characterized by many basic features that are based on objectivity, thoroughness, taking into account the limits and dimensions of the current situation without ignoring the aspirations of all parties and beneficiaries.  Therefore the number of initiatives that have been built and formulated primarily by teams of colleges and deanships and technical support provided by the core team of the plan to (437) and that has been carried out in the light of the results of environmental analysis and priorities for improvement.

     The plan was inspired by the project of " Horizons" for the development of higher education that focused on the dimensions of quality, expansion and differentiation, in order to achieve an integrated approach to university performance improvement and development, which takes into account the needs and requirements of the local and national environment.

     This strategic plan is based  on the methodology of Balanced Scorecard with its four dimensions including: beneficiaries, learning and growth, internal processes, and the financial and economic dimension, in order to assist in the formulation of indicators to measure the performance of the university in a comprehensive manner taking into account all the elements and variables affecting university current and future growth. This can also contribute to gradual and continuous tracking for any deviations in the targeted performance and correct it properly and quickly. It is also in the light of that methodology, the strategic plan adopted four comprehensive strategic goals for all the dimensions of university performance, detailed in objectives that can be traced according to specific indicators.

Supervizor of University Strategic Plan


D. Mohammed bin Nasser Alsuwyyd