The Legal Department Functions and Authorities

1. Management of this department and distribution of work tasks to its employees according to their specialties.

2. Identify experiences of similar entities, their mechanisms regarding legal tasks and take advantage of this.

3. Configure a reference Library (paper & electronic). The library should contain all regulations & by-laws, decisions related to the university work and all items that may serve the department directly or indirectly.

4. Work to attracting qualified staff to provide expertise on legal, regulatory body, continuous or temporary; such as courses and training for workers… etc. Or, study limited cases that need limited legal expertise.

5. Prepare applicable interpretations and regulations, when necessary, to work according to them without contradicting with laws in word or spirit.

6. Represent the University before the judicial authorities in bringing lawsuits against it. At the same time represent the University for Cases it submit to preserve its rights, or protect itself against any harm that threatens it.

7. Review boards’ minutes of colleges, institutes, deanships, centers, funds, societies and all matters referred to the department from Rector or one of his deputies and submit the necessary legal notes to the Rector.

8. Review of legal drafting of all contracts, regulations, regulatory decisions and the discipline decisions…etc.

9. Participate in investigation commissions of inquiry, when requested by management.

10. Study the transactions referred by the Rector or other university officials, and give formal opinion about them.

11. Take the necessary legal actions regarding preserving the university rights either against parties or individuals who violate their obligations and duties.

12. Approve granting official holidays to departments’ staff. The university teaching staff and personnel affairs department shall complete the necessary procedures regarding these holidays according to the university regulations. Any cases such as reporting back to work, delays and interruption of work should be reported and take the necessary legal actions.

13. Adoption of work performance evaluation reports for the legal department staffs appointed in grades less than grade eight. Prepare evaluation reports for those on grade eight and higher. Submit to the university Rector about those who get “Satisfactory” result or less.

14. Sign the identification certificates of all the department employees.

15. Direct contact with ministries, and other government departments in all specializations , taking into account the functional level.