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24 November 2020

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Environmental Impact science faculties at the University of the nicest lumen evaluation using EMS

The environmental impact assessment process for a project aimed at assessing the effects Al.s.h for the establishment of this project

On the environment and then determine the necessary actions to reduce the negative effects Al.s.h him and the environment

And then achieve the environmental goals of development Aalmstdamh.

And it can study the environmental impact assessment more accurately on smaller and existing projects, asIt is the case in the current study.

The current study of the environmental impact assessment on the scientific colleges collected at the University of Baol_khas

The laboratories within those colleges by identifying and monitoring components of the environment and waste Hbjm
Al.s.h damages for laboratories colleges by Hla environmental monitoring using environmental record
And therefore these elements are classified and then waste classification and damages Al.s.h them and attempt
Avoided or minimized harm and mitigation of negative effects.

This may require the involvement of various experts in the field of environmental science, and so on from

Chtssat commensurate with the size and nature of the problem. This calls for resorting to field trips to document

Work within the laboratories, laboratories and Hieddit out and then attempt to predict by changes Lalit Sthdtha laboratories

And Amkherbat in the college environment and then the environment surrounding the university and seek to mitigate the impact and mitigation

Residues laboratories and laboratories and how to get rid of in a manner honesty and sound.

The environmental impact is limited to the study of the impact of the project is finalized evaluation, but studying Al.s.h damages from him and his equipment and Aalal T. Aalntalqh used since the first of the work, as well as Study the impact of the mechanisms used and the waste received Lalit residues such as laboratories of all kinds and classifications Of various hazardous chemicals and materials such as residues laboratories colleges and faculties of Medical Sciences Science and colleges Ahlndsh, and noise which Andth and the extent of the impact of all this on the environment and on Hohla Communities or populations in that region taking into account that the amount of damage Attendant.