Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
18 January 2020

Follow-Up Department Powers & Functions

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

1. Perform required control in various university departments, and other associated units to ensure work safety, performance conservation and serve it to those who receive it.

2. Perform follow up tours to various university units, their managements and the units associated with them; to determine the excellence spots or deficiencies, and the discovery cases of violation of the performance of job duties, or inaction in completion of work, in cooperation and coordination with the university related parties, propose incentives or actions of any cases of Excellence or non-performance.

3. Monitor the progress of work in the university departments, divisions and subordinate units; to make sure it conformed to the regulations, and procedures.

4. Examination of the complaints referred to it about administrative and financial irregularities, beside other irregularities, study them and submit about the results of that.

5. Conduct preliminary investigations, or participate in the investigations revealed by the control, and those referred by the Director of the University Rector, or complaints received from public, after testing its credibility, according to the instructions followed in this regard.

6. Monitor the punctuality of the university staff & subordinate units, follow-up the staff attendance report; and take the necessary action about the deficiencies in it, and inform the Rector about that on time.

7. Communication with the Control and Investigation Bureau regarding all the Bureau matters that are related to the university in accordance with the delegated powers.

8. Work on the developing, strengthening the concept of self-censorship among the university staff.

9. Organization files, archiving and safekeeping the follow-up related information in the university in a manner that help to retrieve them easily.

10. Submit any proposals which would facilitate and improve university workflow.

11. Participate in updating and develop the department work procedures in cooperation with the Department of Administrative Development.

12. Prepare periodical reports about the department activities, achievements, notes and recommendations on development of its work, including: preparing monthly and annual statistics on complaints and violations, and the tabulation and analysis, extract conclusions and proofs, and submit them to the official in charge.

13. Approve granting regular and emergency vacations of university affiliates. Personnel office will complete the required procedures for the teaching staff and employees.

14. Prepare performance reports for employees who are in eighth grade and above, and approve the performance reports to those in the previous grade or below.