Muharram 1441
20 September 2019

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27 Feb 2019

The Department of Development is planning to conduct a number of training courses for the university staff. Head of the Department at female campus, Ms. Modi Al-Otaibi said that...

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10 Jan 2019

Under the patronage of Vice-Rector Prof. Musalam bin Mohammed Al-Dossari, and in the presence of representatives of MU department, General Directorate of Development held a...

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07 Jan 2019

Within the framework of the joint cooperation between the university departments, a training course was conducted by the General Department for Development (female campus), on...

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30 Dec 2018

In attempt to avail the university staff of the developmental courses provided by the Institute of Public Administration for the second semester 1439/1440 AH, in a memo sent to...

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18 Jul 2018

The Administration of Development received a letter of appreciation from the Rector for being ranked high in the Annual Performance Report of the University. The Director of the...

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08 Jul 2018

Two training courses entitled "Effective Presentation" and "Time Management" were held in the second semester of 1438/1439 on campus with more than 50 trainees from all government...

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02 Jul 2018

The Administration of Development completed on Sunday 08/06/ 1439/ receiving applications for internal scholarship of preparatory programs at the Institute of Public...

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17 Jun 2018

The General Administration of Development organized a 4-day training program on the theme of ‘Management of Performance’ starting from Sunday. This program aims on introducing...

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24 May 2018

The Administration of Development in cooperation with the College of Medicine and the Department of Occupational Health and Environment organized a 2-day training course entitled...

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26 Aug 2015

For the purpose of developing the training process at MU and of benefiting from the human resources distinguishing the University, the General Department of Planning and...

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