Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Friday 26 Jun 2020

At the request of MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, to serve the community and to provide self-development programs to students, the Deanship of Student Affairs launched an enrichment program remotely for the academic year 2020. The program, supervised by the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, comprises a wide-range of courses, cultural lectures and sports & scout programs. The program features five sub-programs: - ‘Waed’ program which is conducted for the second time and offers several training courses such as Effective interpersonal skills, creative ways in learning English, future planning skills, how to cultivate reading habit and pressure management. - Good life program, which is offered by the Student Guidance and Advising Center, and features a wide-range of lectures such as social isolation and its benefits, future anxiety and its psychological effects and rumors are fatal virus-like. - Reading program, which is offered by the Reading Club at the Deanship, and includes four sessions to read and discuss a number of books. - Leadership Program, which is provided by volunteer and scout clubs, and aims to consolidate the values of volunteer works among the university students. - My Health program, which aims to consolidate the values of maintaining health and the important of playing sports. The one-month program is supervised by the working team of the Deanship in coordination with the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education and the Deanship of Information Technology, and aims to enrich students with necessary knowledge and expertise to hone their skills. The dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalid Al-Ofaisan, extended his thanks to MU Rector and the Vice-Rector for their guidance, hoping that the program would meet the expected goals.