Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Thursday 21 May 2020

The Astronomical Observatory at Majmah University in Sudir is preparing to observe the crescent of the Arabic month of Shawal according to Um al-Qura calendar. In a statement issued by the Observatory regarding the astronomical conditions of observing the crescent, the calculations for Friday -Ramadan 29/1441 AH- (May 22/2020) according to um al-Qura calendar shows that the sun will set at 6:39 at 293 degrees, and the moon will shine at 6:26, i.e. about 13 minutes before the sunset. on Saturday Ramadan 30/1441 AH ( May 23/2020) the sun will set at 6:40 at 293 degrees and the crescent will appear at 7:23 at 293 degrees, i.e. the crescent will stay for 43 minutes after sunset at 8.84 high and elongation degree of 10.60. The Astronomical Observatory at Majmah University was established in Hawtat Sudair town with a specialized scientific committee based on the development of a comprehensive vision to simulate global experiences at international observatories taking into account the scientific, administrative and technical aspects of local and international astronomical observatories. The Station targets community service through raising awareness of community members with regard to astronomical conditions along with forming global partnerships with highly regarded astronomical agencies worldwide. The Observatory has a reflective astronomical telescope with an electronic carrier (CCD) to monitor celestial bodies and two celestial domes with astronomical films dubbed in Both Arabic and English. Visitors often commend the educational astronomical exhibition, which represents a diverse educational astronomical experience that benefits the majority of students and community members. This significance makes it of great value to the University and community leaders. To ensure that precautionary measures are applied to prevent the spread of coronavirus, The medical services department and the College of Medicine will participate with an ambulance to ensure the safety of the participants in the crescent monitoring process.