Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Thursday 14 May 2020

Traffic Safety Center (Salik) at the University announced the results of the competition titled "Diwaniyah Salik with you at Home" which was held through social media platforms. The contest aimed to allow university students, administrative, technical and educational staff during their stay at home to suggest awareness messages about traffic hazards during the rush hour. The competition started at the beginning of the 12th day of Ramadan and the results came out as follows: First place: Student / Rawan Mohammed Al-Subai'i , College of Science and Humanities in Rumah Second place: Faculty Member / Dr. Samah Abdul Karim Ibrahim, College of Science and Humanities in Ghat 3rd place: Staff Member / Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sulaiman, College of Education in Majmaa Vice-Rector Prof. Musallam Al Dosari pointed out that this interactive competition is part of the University ongoing efforts to diversify activities and programs during COVID-19 pandemic. Prof. Musallam thanked the students and staff members who participated in the Traffic Safety programs aimed at developing safety awareness among university community. Likewise, the Vice-Rector expressed appreciation for Dr. Khalid Al-Muqrin, MU Rector, for his ongoing support for all departments, units of the University and its educational, cultural and medical programs that help raise the awareness of the students and community at large.