Rajab 1441
26 February 2020

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Monday 09 Dec 2019

An inspection visit was paid by Prof. Mohammed Al-Shaya’a, Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, to the Deanship of Graduate Studies to check the progress of work. As welcomed by the dean, Prof. Abdullah Al-Suwaiket, the vice-dean for educational affairs, Dr. Bader Al-Sulami and the vice-dean for quality and development, Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Othman, the vice-rector was briefed about the activities and achievements at the vice-dean’s offices, departments and units of the deanship. In a meeting held with the dean, vice-deans and members who joined deanship’s board recently, Prof. Al-Shaya’a encouraged them to exert more efforts. In a statement given about the visit, the vice-rector expressed his gratitude with the achievements of the deanship as well as its preparations for the admission in new graduate studies programs which will be announced later.