Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
21 January 2020

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Monday 03 Dec 2018

The College of Education in Majmaah headed by the Dean Dr. Majed Aba-Hussein, welcomed the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shaya’a who visited the college with the aim of inspecting the progress that have been achieved with regard to the number of researches published by the faculty members in the last period. Prof. Al-Shaya’a praised the performance of the college in meeting all requirements particularly those pertinent to scholarship-students. In another meeting held with faculty members, Prof. Al-Shaya’a listened to faculty members’ inquiries and encouraged them to either publish their academic works or suggest the translation of a scientific book of high value to students via the Publishing and Translation Center. Prof. Al-Shaya’a extended his thank to MU Rector for his approval to allow faculty members to received funds to participate in scientific conferences. “Any proposal to establish new programs that support scientific research is highly encouraged” added Prof. Al-Shaya’a. By the same token, the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies Prof. Al-Shaya’a has also paid a visit to the College of Applied Medical Science where he was received by the Dean Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Dakheel and teaching staff. A meeting was held to discuss a number of topics such the number of faculty members and teaching assistants who were recruited and promoted over the last period. Prof. Al-Shaya’a commended the role played by the Department of Scholarship and Training to overcome any obstacle that might be encountered by scholarship-students. The importance of research and publishing was addressed in the meeting along with the need of the College for lab facilities. In a meeting with the vice-rector, faculty members questioned if there would be any fund for faculty members to participate in conference as well as the rules of promotion. Prof. Al-Shaya’a said that in the upcoming period, the focus will be on attracting researchers with excellent record of publishing and invention. There is tendency to form a partnership between the university and public or private sectors. While the former creates an environment conducive for research the latter will fund the projects.