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03 December 2020

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Tuesday 15 Oct 2019

On Tuesday October 15th, 2019, the preparatory meeting of the 23rd summit of directors and rectors of universities and higher educational institutions in GCC countries was held in the conference hall of Majmaah University in the presence of some GCC vice-rectors. The 10th symposium also took place with the theme “ GCC Universities and Human Development – Visions and Expectations”. A number of topics on the agenda were discussed in the preparatory meeting which was chaired by the Vice-Rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari. Accompanied with the Vice-Rector, Prof. Al-Dosari, the vice-rectors were then made a visit to the associated exhibition where they briefed about the major initiatives and achievements of the university in different fields, including the community service initiatives. Seeing these exceptional in administrative and academic fields, the vice-rectors expressed their gratitude with what they saw. Then the 10th associated symposium of the summit was held in the auditorium of the main campus. Several issues on the agenda of the symposium were discussed including : the governance in universities for human development’ which demonstrates GCC universities’ efforts to achieve goals of human development, plan study programs and majors to meet the demands of job market and the development of scientific research grant systems. The symposium will also tackle the issue of universities’ future predication for the field of human development. The first session of the symposium was chaired by the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Mohammed Al-Shaya’a and the papers were presented: Prof. Abdullah Al-Fawzan, King Saud University “ Universities and the Achievement of Human Development Goals” Dr. Mohammed Al-Sa’adi, Qaboos University “ Experience of Qaboos University in achieving Human Development Goals” Dr. Fahad Al-Shayaa, King Saud University “ Development of Programs and Majors to meet Job Market Demands” Dr. Ahmed Al-Rayami, Oman “ Review of Academic Programs at Colleges of Applied Science in light of Job Market Demands in Oman” Dr. Fahad Al-Shareef, Um Al-Qura University, “The Role of Scientific Research in Supporting Programs related to Future Jobs” Dr. Mane Al-Ghatani, Tabuk University, “ Improvement of Scientific Research Grants in light of Development Needs”. Following a short break, the second session took place and was chaired by Dr. Amthal Al-Huwailah from Kuwait University. Three topics were addressed in this session and several papers were presented as follows: First Topic: “Making Human Development Initiatives in light of Market Demands” Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mejel, CEO of Saudi Industrial Development Fund, “ Job Market and Building of Professional Human Capacity” Dr. Khalid Al-Naqbi, “ Universities Social Responsibility to support Job Market” Second Topic: “ Business Intelligence and the alignment of Educational Systems at Universities with Job Market Needs” Dr. A’amer Al-Deghayther, Founder and CEO of Semanoor “ Business Intelligence in Education in line with Kingdom’s Vision 2030”. Khalid Al-Eyssa, Riyadh Bank “ Experience of Riyadh Bank in Recruitment” Third Topic: National Work Observatory and Its Role in linking universities’ outcomes with Job Market” Dr. Ayed Al-Anizi, Majmaah University “ Role of National Work Observatory in Designing Universities’ Programs”