Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Tuesday 15 Sep 2020

Within the framework of the rector’s constant follow-up of the university performance, the university team assigned to prepare the annual report presented the 9th annual report to MU rector in the presence of the vice-rectors. On this regard, the vice-rector and chairman of standing committee to prepare the report, Prof. Musallam al-Dosari, pointed out that the presentation featured highlighting general information and the prominent results in the report and chapters of the report and their relevant to the university activities, on one hand, and the development aspect, on the other hand. The report team listened to the rector’s feedback which mainly focused on that the report must make a reference to the university’s efforts in creating jobs that helped in reducing the university’s expenditure. At the end of the visit, the vice-rector extended his thanks to MU rector for his support and efforts to assist the university’s departments in highlighting their activities and initiatives.