Rabi Al-Thani 1442
30 November 2020

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Wednesday 09 Oct 2019

MU CELEBRATES THE WORLD TEACHER’S DAY The College of Education has launched several cultural and educational events for teachers in Majmah province in collaboration with the Department of Education in Majmah under the sponsorship of the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education at the University. Field visits to schools of public education (boys and girls) in the province took place, where several lectures and workshops were held. Roses and souvenirs were given to the participating teachers. On Monday, 8/2/1441, the College held a special forum on the occasion of the World Teacher’s Day which included a number of seminars and training workshops. A seminar entitled (Highlights on the professional license for teachers) was held at the Department of Education Theater in Majmah in the presence of the Director of Public Education in Majmah, the Dean and vice-deans of the College of Education. A cultural and educational program was also held at the college theater for the teachers in Majmah in the presence of assistant Education Director, the vice dean of the college, the head of the community service unit, faculty members of the College along with a number of teachers in the province. Dean of the College of Education Dr. Majed Aba Hussien thanked MU Rector and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Ahmad Al-Romaih for their support of the college. Dr. Aba Hussien also thanked the Dean of Community Service for his support of the College programs and they showed appreciation for those who organized and participated in the events.