Rajab 1441
26 February 2020

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The Deanship of Student Affairs at Majmah University has launched a competition on the names and attributes of Allah. The contest, held during Ramadan, included many questions selected from the book (Rules Regarding the Names and Attributes of Allah) by Sheikh Mohammed bin Saleh bin Othimin, God bless him, under the auspices of the University Student Fund financing the competition.In this regard, The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Khalid Al-Ofaisan stated that the launch of such competitions in that holy month came from the educational role of the Deanship and in accordance with the directives of MU Rector Dr. Khalid bin Saad Al Muqrin and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih. “This contest aims to increase religious awareness among university students with emphasis on correcting concepts and perceptions in line with the right moderate approach of Islam on which this blessed country was found”, Dr. Al-Ofaisan said.The Dean of Student Affairs urged all university students to participate in this competition to develop their religious awareness and to take part in student affairs activities on campus. Additionally, there will be 10 winners receiving (500) riyals each.Dr. Al-Ofaisan thanked the Rector and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs for their great support and continuous follow-up of all the programs and activities of the Deanship.